About The Emotion Company
The Emotion Company's mission is to design and manufacture innovative educational
and therapeutic products, written materials and interactive trainings for the enhancement of Emotional Intelligence.

The motivating desire is to give children, parents and professionals tools with which to deepen self-awareness, to enhance capacity for empathic response, and to collaborate with others to build a safe and compassionate community.

Marilynn Jorgensen, M.A.
Marilynn is an accomplished educator, consultant and counselor with over 30 years of experience in learning and emotional intelligence (EQ). As a consultant for the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, Marilynn works in the field of education, healthcare, and business to promote effective EQ development programs.

Marilynn's career began as an Elementary school teacher. After 6 years of teaching in the public schools, she created Discoveries Learning Centers, a private Toddler/Preschool in 1978. During her 24 years as the Owner/Director she developed an innovative, educational and therapeutic environment for children, parents and teachers.

After attaining her MA in Counseling Psychology in 1985, she further developed her tools of support for families and children. A Parent Education Program grew into a curriculum offering parents ongoing monthly support groups. She taught at Santa Barbara City College in the Early Childhood Certification Program for 11 years and has continued her teaching by consulting with schools, families and local agencies.

aclyn Henretig, M.A., MFCC
For the past 35 years Jaclyn Henretig has enjoyed a diverse career which has combined her skills as an educator, trainer and licensed psychotherapist. Jaclyn's career began as a High School teacher in New York during which time she was introduced to the Human Potential Movement. Impressed with the philosophy she began studying with various body/mind teachers and subsequently left public school teaching to begin a career as a Body Therapist in Santa Barbara, CA. Jaclyn's body therapy work led her to Fielding Graduate Institute where she completed her MA in Counseling Psychology in 1980. In 1984 she co-founded a non-profit social service agency, The Community Counseling and Education Center, in Santa Barbara. There she trains pre-licensed professional psychotherapists and develops innovative psychological and social programs. She has had an extensive psychotherapy practice both within the agency and private practice. Jaclyn is currently integrating her training in psychology and education as Co-founder of the Emotion Company.

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