Emotion Cards
Using the emotion cards is a fun and educational way to enhance emotional literacy by experiencing the world of feelings. The full moon images include 4 feeling groups: mad, sad, glad & afraid ranging from mild to intense. The included Card Guide helps you to create interactive experiences with children & adults at home, at work, in schools and clinical settings.

The attractive tin box includes:

Price: $22.95 (Education/Non-Profit and Bulk discounts available. Please call.)

Testimonials - Emotion Company cards

The eMotion cards are remarkably evocative and engaging. They convey emotions clearly and invite people to explore and develop emotional literacy. I've used them with great success with a wide variety of audiences from young children to executives.
I highly recommend this tool to all teachers, counselors, and trainers.

- Joshua Freedman, Director of Programs
Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network

I use The eMotion Company feelings cards in my preschool classroom as well as in my parenting classes for adults. The cards are appealing to all ages for their honest and accessible expressions - everyone can relate to them! I use them in my preschool classroom in teacher-directed activities that promote helping even very young children learn to identify and name their ever changing emotional landscape. Honestly, my emotion feelings cards are one of my most important teaching tools every, single day.

With adults, I find they are especially welcome for their animated and universal simplicity. I find that adults are usually especially grateful for the opportunity to look at the cards and contemplate the myriad of feelings we all have every day. Thank you eMotion Company for the Feelings cards!
- Kelly Kist, Director/Owner
Seasons Early Childhood Center

The eMotion Company cards have helped the teens I work with to explore and expand their emotional vocabulary. The cards not only invite interaction and discussion of feelings and groups of feelings, they also provide a vivid image of a feeling.
- Bren Fraser, MA
Junior High School Counselor

I have been using the eMotion cards for a few months and they are incredible for getting to the bottom of what my agents are thinking. I use them to motivate as well as train.  Thank you for creating this valuable tool. I use them all the time!
- Patti Brotherton
Prudential  District Manager

The Nature of Feelings Poster
The Emotion Company poster is an attractive reminder of 8 essential feeling messages that supports healthy emotional awareness. A nice addition for your home, classroom or office. Printed on high gloss poster stock and suitable for framing. Size- 18"x24"

Price: $7.00


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